Therapy for Sports, Motor Vehicle, Work Related Injuries & More in Windsor, ON

When you first see the physiotherapist, an extensive assessment will be completed and this includes your health history, pain evaluation, movement patterns, strength, joint range of motion, reflexes, sensation and overall functional status. Where necessary, the physiotherapist communicates with your physician regarding relevant x-rays, lab tests, progress reports and other medical information that may impact your recovery. Based on this assessment and in partnership with each individual’s goals, a treatment plan is established.

With the overall goal to improve function and tolerances needed for activities of daily living, work, and/or sport, the following are some examples of the conditions that we treat:

• Workplace injuries

• Sports injuries

• Motor vehicle accident related injuries

• Arthritis

• Neck and back pain

• Muscle & joint strains/sprains

• Postural problems

• Post-operative rehabilitation needs

• Hand therapy for injuries and surgical repair

• Other (please call if you have a specific need)


Treatments that may be offered based on individual needs:

• Manual stretching/mobilizations

• Therapeutic exercise

• Modalities (eg. TENS, ultrasound, heat, ice)

• Laser

• Whole body vibration therapy

• Return to work conditioning

• Therapeutic taping

• Information provided for self-management, home programs and prevention

• Functional abilities evaluations

• Acupuncture

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